The Most Important Types of Dance
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The Most Important Types of Dance


The Most Important Types of Dance

The unique art form of dance ranges across different styles and patterns that bring out the true essence of the aspect. From Ballet to Hip Hop, the list goes on and includes names that are known to everyone. Understanding each and every single form of dance will be critical towards gaining knowledge about the same and also helping you build a career if your interest lies with dance. So to take things in the right direction, here are the most critical types of dance.

1. Ballet

Ballet is popularly known as the hardest form of dance that requires the application of different kinds of efforts. You will have to go through a rigorous form of training and practise if you wish to excel in Ballet. It is an excellent teaching tool for a lot of dancers as it includes a mix of coordination, technique and musicality.


2. Jazz

Jazz is another popular form of dance that combines energetic moves without facing any boundaries. It carries forward the influence of hip-hop, tap, modern, Ballet, African dance and so on. Thanks to all that, people usually prefer to either watch or perform this style of dance.

3. Lyrical

Lyrical is a great style of dance that forms the basis with Ballet and merges Jazz and Modern. It is dynamic in its own way and creates subtle changes that manoeuvre the entire outcome in a proper direction. While the dance techniques are essential, the heart and soul of this routine lies within its expressive nature.


4. Modern

Modern is a raw style of dance that is known to have been created as a rebellion against Ballet. It frames an expression on the dancer’s relationship with the floor that includes the different methods that they perform. Although it’s been kept at a distance from Ballet, they are close links that cannot be ignored.

5. Tap

Tap is a form of dance where dancers use their feet as instruments. For this purpose, they wear tap shoes that are specifically designed to highlight the essence of the dance routine and move everything accordingly.

6. Contemporary


By embodying Ballet, jazz, lyrical and modern, contemporary takes centre stage to amaze the audience by following a specific set of fundamentals. It is enhanced to be performed with all kinds of music.

7. Hip Hop

Edgy, raw and intense are specific terms that are commonly used to describe Hip Hop. It is danced to rap, urban and hip hop music as dancers put on their sneakers to leave the audience spellbound. Apart from that, Hip Hop also has an origin in the form of street dance that moves ahead in the way of freestyle and other such aspects.


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