SHIFT / west.  a choreographic residency


Creative residency @ BPS Includes:

- Studio time to create

  1. -Professional Development / feed back

  2. -Performance Showing of work created during the residency

20 hours of off prime rehearsal space ( 20 hours of 1/2 price prime time when available )

3 night shared performance  produced by BPS

FALL 2018 Cohort

Spring 2019 Cohort

Winter 2020 Cohort

Spring 2020 Cohort

What we do:

- Supply the space

  1. -Create the business workshops

  2. -Produce the master classes

  3. -Produce the  showing/performance

What you do:

  1. -bring the idea

  2. -bring the dancers

  3. -teach a master class

  4. -produce 5-15 minutes of material for the 3 night showing


  1. 1)Please indicate if you are a team of artists or individual artist

  2. 2)How long have you been in LA ?

2) Please tell us a bit about your self, help us get to know you

3) Submit a short formal artistic bio

4) Two youtube or vimeo links to your work, rehearsal is fine

  1. 5)Why are you interested in this residency and what do you hope to gain from it?

  2. 6) What professional business workshops are you interested in ?

  3. 7) What style of master class would you be offering to teach ?

  4. 8) Rough suggestion of the days/times you are interested in teaching

the response should fit on 2-3 pages

Email response to by Oct 5th   10pm

Supporting the development of LA’s creative voice

Dance in the the west is strong and innovative with a unique vision of the world

Winter SHIFT/ west  Showing

Feb 21 8pm, Feb 22 8pm, Feb 23 6pm


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