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Dance Studio Areas Cover


We have a contemporary and freestyle dance studio made for the enthusiasts who know they can dance. There is a special class for everyone to find your style or create a new one.

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Basic Steps

Join the beginner’s classes to open up your body for advanced dance steps. Learn the fundamentals of any style from our dance coaches.

Arm Styling

Learn the art of body posture in dance from the experienced Canadian performers who will teach you the secrets of fine dancing.

Twitch: Mit Videospiel

Full Body Rolls

Switch to a new style of exercising while developing a personality of your own with your choice of dance style.

Our Reviews

Studios Feature

Come and explore our dance studios and book the entire floor for private sessions in advance. Our studios are designed to provide the right experience to all dance forms while keeping the energy of dances always high.


Pole Dancing Hall


Glass Door Lobby




Parking Facilities

Our Blog

  • The unique art form of dance ranges across different styles and patterns that bring out the true essence of the aspect. From Ballet to Hip Hop, the list goes on and includes names that are known to everyone. Understanding each and every single form of...

  • Becoming a backup dancer is not easy, as the process involves a lot of hard work. One will have to put their efforts into the right aspects if they wish to attain long term success. The best way to go about doing the same would...